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This assignment checks your progress in understanding of the content of the Maintenance Lessons and Workbook.
Perform routine remedial, preventative and survey deck maintenance on a vessel less than 80 metres
Perform routine maintenance on a vessel up to 24 metres

Question 1. As a master, write a short essay to describe your management plan for the preparation, and implementation for a 24 mtr steel vessel’s routine out of water repaint and year 4 survey. Itemise the work schedule as will be required.
Your plan must be structured to clearly show that for each maintenance item you have:

a. Identified the hazards
b. Assessed the risks posed by those hazards (likelihood + consequence + exposure time)
c. Implemented control measures for those risks
d. Devised a re-evaluation process of your plan

Using a table format that includes the detail as below would be acceptable.

Maintenance Job Plan
Name the survey task Hazards Identified Risks Assessed    Control plan Re-evaluation
Survey Item 1 List job hazards Define type & priority Develop checklists etc

Format documentation

Survey Item 2      



Survey Item 3      



Overall Worksite Safety
Safety induction





Access provision










Also demonstrate compliance with the relevant occupational health regulations and codes of safe practices relating to overall safe access, the use of manufacturer's Materials Data Sheets when using paints, chemicals and cleaning materials and the provision of appropriate safety/emergency equipment.
Include your procedures for safe disposal of debris and waste, in accordance with the requirementsfor the safety of the environment, and the prevention of pollution.

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