Run the Starpath Radar Program by double clicking on the icon

1. Select and print out the charts: 1.Rich Passage WA 5.41nm

2.Rich Passage Approach WA 10.0nm

5.Training chart2,UK 15.52nm

8.Russel Channels, UK 9.60nm

6.Plymouth sound, UK 5.38nm

2. Ask you teacher to demonstrate the use of EBL and VRM on the Starpath Radar Trainer Tutorial – set on the Rich Passage default scenario. Stop your vessel. Selecting from the view option, use the radar view to determine your position by a three bearings plot and then by a three ranges plot. Plot on the appropriate printed out chart.

3. Repeat this exercise by loading scenarios - Navigation Problems 2 to 5 with a selected speed of 10 knots.

4. Draw a passage plan with at least three waypoints on each chart from Navigation Problems 2 to 5. At a selected speed of 20 knots, using a VRM for parallel indexing and ranging for change of course waypoints, load the scenarios and navigate your planned route using the radar view.



Run the Starpath Radar Program by double clicking on the icon
1.Ask you teacher to run and demonstrate the use of Starpath Radar Trainer 2a. to determine the most dangerous target by use of EBL and write a first report.

2. Select Demo targets and Parallel Courses, Crossing Courses and write first reports.
3.Using an overlay plot over the screen for a second and full reports and pause. Check your accuracy when completed by resume.

4. Select the pop down menu on the right hand side called Traffic

Select Set Targets

Select 2 as your number of targets

At A under Heading type 000

Tab across or use your cursor and under Speed type 7

At B under Heading type 90

At B under Speed type 10

At B under Range type 14

At B under Bearing type 300

At C under Heading type 239

At C under Speed type 12

At C under Range type 7.8

At C under Bearing type 025

Select Run to start exercise.

Select Time factor and X1

Now using plotting sheets provided answer the following questions.

Target B CPA...........


Target C CPA...........


5. From the demo tagets select Rule19d 000 to Rule 19d 310. In each scenario determine the appropriate manoeuvre in restricted visibility and select A to input and initiate your course and speed changes.