STEER A VESSEL ASSIGNMENT 1- STEERING (pdf view) NAME:______________

These assignments assess your practical understanding of the content of the Workbook.
Manage & maintain a navigational watch on board vessels to 80 m
Manoeuvre a vessel up to 24 metres within near coastal waters

Question 1 Label the key components of the steering system shown below and describe the predeparture checks and survey specification for its serviceability.




Question 2 What vessels would be suited to the rudders below, and explain why is this so?




Question 3 Stemming the current provides most steering control. TRUE FALSE

Question 4 What do you understand by the steering order:

“ Steer 10 degrees to port” _________________________________________________

“Hard a’starboard” ________________________________________________________

“Ease to amidships” _______________________________________________________

“Steady by compass” ________________________________________________________

“Steady as she goes” ________________________________________________________

“ Slow ahead on both”_______________________________________________________

Question 5 What do you understand by the given direction in relative degrees from the ships head:

“ four points on the starboard bow” ____________________________________

“Red 60 degrees” __________________________________________________

“over the starboard quarter” __________________________________________

“abeam to port” ____________________________________________________

Question 6 Using an azimuth ring over the gyro compass (ships course 090 degrees T), the following sights were taken.

What are their bearings in degrees true:

“090 degrees Rel” _______________________________________________

“180 degrees Rel” _______________________________________________

“SE” __________________________________________________________

“NNE” ________________________________________________________

Question 7 Define the term:

“Advance” _________________________________________________________

“Transfer” __________________________________________________________

Question 8 In a vessel experiencing excessive yaw, what do you understand by the phrase “fighting the wheel”.


Question 9 What are the dangers of a vessel surfing in a following sea.

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