Hand Tools Job HT 12   Dismantle & assemble   Complete the Documentation record

Plan courtesy of “Electrical trades –Offhand grinding” & “Metal trades –Drilling, TAFE”

Dismantling And Assembly:                       Your “Documentation record” should include:

1        What was the orientation of the ports to each other before dismantling?

2        What was the size and type of spanner used to undo the nuts item 12?

            Size _________________ Type _______________________

3        What is the diameter, thread pitch and length of item 8?

            Diameter _____________ Pitch ______________ Length _________________

4        What is the diameter and thread pitch on item 5?

            Diameter _____________ Pitch ______________

5        What are the sizes of the barrel?

            Length _________

            Inside diameter _________

            Outside diameter ___________

6        What did you do with the tools after the assembly was completed?