1.   When grinding very hard material on a wheel with a hard bond, the wheel’s surface will:

a.              Be worn away

b.              Become glazed

c.              Become out‑of‑round

d.              Retain normal cutting

e.              Become loaded


2.   To prevent a grinding wheel face has becoming loaded you can:

a.              Changing to a wheel with a softer bond

b.              Using a wheel with a finer grain

c.              Running the wheel at a slower speed

d.              Changing to a wheel with more open structure

e.              Moving the work across the wheel face


3.   A wheel face is being dressed with a disc type dresser and sparks are flying off the dresser discs. This means that:

a.            The wheel is rotating too fast

b.            The wheel is loaded

c.            Not enough pressure is being applied

d.           The dresser is not being held square

e.            The work rest is too close to the wheel


4.   The best way to remove the excess metal on a job is to:

a.              Apply more pressure to the drill

b.              Change to a coarser grit wheel

c.              Dress the wheel face

d.              Move the drill across the wheel face

e.              Hold the drill in a fixture


5.   The best way to remove the excess metal on a job is to:

a.             Level on the rest

b.             With the rear lowered slightly

c.             With the rear raised slightly

d.             Clear off the rest

e.              At a high angle to the rest


6.    Match the word with the description:

a.         Arc of contact                                  d  Loss of cutting action due to blunt grains

b.         Loading                                            a  Area of the work against the wheel

c.         Dressing                                          b Material embedded in the wheel face

d.         Glazing                                             e A bonding process

e.         Vitrified                                             c Cleaning the wheel face