1. What knot would you use by preference to:

a. To temporarily stop the end of a rope from fraying.

b. To prevent the bitter end of a rope from running through a block.

c. To secure a light fender to a rail.

d. To secure a hawser to the end of the throwing line for passing ashore.

e. To lash down a sail to its boom.

f. To create a loop to secure to a mooring post.

3. What are the approximate safe working loads of:

a. 10mm natural fibre rope (Coxswains only)

b. 12mm polyprop rope (Coxswains only)

c. 12mm steel wire rope (Coxswains only)

4. State the ratio of safe working load to breaking strain.

and calculate the breaking strain of 12mm steel wire rope (Coxswains only)

Ranger Hope 2008