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The “S.V. Alma Doepel” was constructed at Bellingen by Frederick Doepel, and named after his daughter. This unique craft is rigged as a topsail schooner but has centreboards to allow access across the shallow Northern River’s bars. Her low draught was probably the reason for her claim as the fastest Trans Tasman tall ship crossing achieved in 1903.

After a lifetime of hauling freight on the North Coast, a period of war service, and later years carrying apples from Hobart her competitiveness waned and she became a near derelict.

She was discovered by ship lovers and restored to become the flag ship of “Sail & Adventure” as a training ship working in Port Phillip Bay. After a period laid up, the ship was taken to Port Macquarie where she stands today awaiting a new chapter of her story. More about the Alma can be found on the web sites of Alma Doepel and Sail & Adventure (Victoria)