QUIZ LIGHTS 1                                      NAME:       

Sketch a picture overleaf of the vessels below, indicating the lights sector angles.

                      >  more than            <  less than

1       A vessel not under command making way

2       Power driven vessel <50m underway

3       A PDV < 50m towing length of tow  > 200m

4       A fishing vessel other than trawling making way < 50m

5.      Vessel <50m at anchor

6.      A trawler <  50m with nets fast on an obstruction

7.      A dredge showing obstructed and clear side making way

8.      A vessel constrained by her draft <  50m making way

9.      A vessel restricted in her ability to manoeuvre making way

10.    A PDV > 50m towing length of tow > 200m

11.    A vessel > 50m aground

12.    A sailing vessel

13.    A pilot vessel  on duty at anchor

14.    A trawler < 50m hauling nets making way

15.    A vessel being towed