Scuttled and Abandoned Ships in Australian Water



New South Wales

ABILITY W ps drogher, abt.l40t. Not reg. 100' x 27'6 x 6', comp stm.eng. 15nhp. Owners: Alan Taylor & Co. and employed in the timber trade about Pt.Stephens. Transferred to Williams river as gravel barge c.l958/9. Settled in the river by the end of 1959. Raised 6 months later and variously reported as scuttled off Newcastle June 3,1960 and off Sydney Apl.30,1965.

AJAX I ss 344g,189n, No ON. 128.7 x 21.0 x 12.0, B.1873 Mort's Dock & Engineering Co. Balmain as pilot steamer/rescue vessel for Newcastle with towing capacity. Owners; Government of NSW. Rebuilt as full time pilot steamer in 1896/7. Withdrawn from service Dec.20, 1927 and stripped. Sometime in 1928 the remains of her hull were put upon a mudbank near Walsh Island and the remains are still visible about 500 metres upstream from Stockton Bridge, Newcastle.

ANGLIAN I hu1k ex ss 2158g, ON68820, 314.0 x 35.8 x 26.4, B. 1873 Glasgow. for UK-Sth Africa service. Acq. for Huddarts 1894 and finally in Sydney-Hobart service until hulked c.1913 at Pt. Adelaide. Scuttled off Sydney August 2, 1933.

ANTELOPE unidentified vessel reported scuttled off Sydney Heads 1929-1930.

ANZAC HMAS S triple screw ss destroyer, 325' oa x 31', B.1916/17 Dumbarton. Sold Aug.1935 for demolition and remains sunk by gunfire from RAN units, off Sydney Heads, May 7, 1936.

ARAWATTA S hulk ex ss 2114g, ON96649, 300.0 x 37.1 x 24.0, B.1889 Dumbarton for AUSN's Interstate passenger service, reg.Sydney. Sold 1924 W.Waugh Ltd and hulked. Sydney Morning Herald Sept.l4, 1936 'towed 20 miles off Heads and scuttled'.

ARCHER Iron hulk, ex ss, 633t, ON87082, 200.2 x 29.0 x 13.2, B.1882 Glasgow comp.eng.95nhp.EB. Owners Qld.Stm Shpg: AUSN: Dec.1901 Newcastle & Hunter River S.S.Co.for Sydney - Newcastle service sold Jan.1933 Stacey & Williams for hulking. Scuttled off Sydney Jan.10, 1946.

AROONEE yacht 17m x 3m, built of Ferro-concrete, seized by Customs in 1978 and the subject of lengthy legal debate during which the vessel deteriorated to the extent it was not worth repairing. Scuttled 34 degrees South x 151 degrees 36 minutes East on or about Apl. 9, 1991 by the Customs Dept.

AUSTRALIA HMAS steel battle cruiser, 18,000t disp. 590' x 80', B.1911/13 Clydebank, for RAN. Sunk by gunfire from other naval units off Sydney Heads, April 12, 1924.

BALLINA obsolete dredge, no other detail located. Scuttled off Newcastle (33 degrees 4 minutes South x 152 degrees 24 minutes East) Oct.3, 1934 while being towed to appointed area when a N.E.Gale sprang up.

BANTAM S ss 3322g, 323.0 x 48.2 x 20.5, B.1929 Rotterdam, 3X 233nhp. for KPM Batavia. Bombed and badly damaged at Oro Bay, New Guinea Mar.28, 1943. Beached and later towed to Sydney and scuttled 36 miles off Sydney Sept.24,1946.

BARCOO S coal hulk, ex ss 1505g, ON91876, 250.1 x 36.1 x 15.5, B.1885 Dumbarton, 3X 308nhp. Operated by AUSN as intercolonial passenger ship. Sold 1911 when converted to coal hulk, sold to RAN for same use 1914. Towed outside Sydney by HMAS Platypus Feb. 1, 1924 and used as target for gunnery practice. [Some records say sunk Jan.31]

BAR-EA-MUL W ss (trawler) 237g, ON152011, 127.8 x 23.4 x 13.2, B.1918 Morrison & Sinclair Sydney. 3X Scuttled off Sydney Dec. l9, 1950.

BARRABOOL I hulk ex ss 942g, ON64795, 224.8 x 30.5 x 14.8, B. 1874 Jarrow on Tyne, Eng. 140nhp. Owners: Howard Smith and employed on almost every service they operated. Converted to a hulk after stranding in the Fitzroy River Q. May 17, 1912. Scuttled off Sydney August 2, 1950.

BELLAMBI S ss collier 956g, ON125217, 215.2 x 33.1 x 13.9, B.1909 Glasgow and named FIVE ISLANDS rn 1916, 3X eng. mach.aft. Owner:Bellambi Coal Co.Ltd.reg.Sydney.Withdrawn from service and sold 1954 to Stride, Blackwattle Bay for demolition, slowly stripped and bare hull towed 20 miles outside Sydney Heads and scuttled Mar.18, 1971.

BELLUBERA S ss double ended ferry, 499g, 340n, ON125244, 210.0 x 32.2 x 14.1, B.1910 (Launched Apl.6) Mort's Dock & Engineering Co.Ltd, Balmain, NSW. 3x 110hp. re-eng. 1935/6 diesel-electric prop. and almost destroyed by fire in process and almost rebuilt Now 505g, When commissioned in 1910 the largest and fastest ferry on Pt.Jackson but accident prone. On Apl.2, 1914 run down, and cut in two the tug KATE: on Sept 9, 1941 hit the launch SYDBRIDGE, killing the coxswain; On Oct. 19,1948 she was in a serious collision near Sydney Heads and there was a collision with HMAS Parramatta near Clifton Gardens on Feb.29, 1970 etc.etc. Owners: Port Jackson & Manly S.S.Co.Ltd, reg.Sydney. Withdrawn from service Nov. 1973 she was moved around the harbour, gradually rotting away until she was scuttled to help form a reef off Long Reef, just north of Sydney Heads, August 1, 1980.

BINNGARRA S ss 442g, 301n, ON122108, 190.5 x 31.7 x 13.5, B.1905. Mort's Dock & Engineering, Balmain, double ended ferry, 3X 105nhp EB. Owners: Pt.Jackson Co-Op SS Co, reg. Sydney Nov.1907 Port Jackson & Manly S.S.Co.Ltd. Converted to a lighter in 1933. Scuttled off Sydney Dec. 11, 1946.

BOOMERANG see entry for 'G.F.HOLDEN'

BOSUN Wood hull, crane lighter. Scuttled off Sydney Sept. 29, 1976.

BRIGHTON I ps 417g, ON83792, 220.2 x 23.0 x 10.7, B.1883 T.B.Seath & Co, Rutherglen, comp. osc. eng. 160nhp A.Campbell & Sons, Glasgow., double ended ferry. steamed from Scotland arriving Sept. 1 1883, 89 days out. Owners: Pt.Jackson SS Co, reg. Sydney: Oct. 1898 Pt.Jackson Co-Op SS Co: Nov.1907 Pt.Jackson & Manly S.S.Co. Hulked 1916 and used as a storeship for timber exporters Pt.Stephens, reportedly abandoned in 'The Duckhole' Pt.Stephens.

BURRA-BRA see next entry

BURRA-BRU S ss grab dredge, 453t, B.1956 Owned by Maritime Services Board, Sydney. Scuttled off Sydney July 14, 1971. The 'Target Barge' ex RAN scuttled July 12, 1972 was all that remained of the former Manly ferry BURRA-BRA .

BURRINBAR S ss, 876g, 442n, ON125224, 205.1 x 33.1 x 11.4, B.l909 Greenock & Grangemouth Dockyard Co.,Grangemouth. 3X 142nhp Dunsmuir & Jackson, Glasgow. Last owners North Coast S.N.Co., reg.Sydney Hulked 1932 and stripped remains scuttled about 20 miles east of the Sydney Heads Nov. 16, 1934.

BUSTLER S ss tug 74t, ON150195, 75.5 x 16.6 x 9.4, B.1917 Cockatoo Dockyard, Sydney. eng 38nhp. Wallace Tugs Pty/Ltd reg.Sydney. By 1968 being dismantled in Blackwattle Bay Sydney. The remains of the hull were welded to the old dredge HERCULES and scuttled off Sydney July 18, 1972.

CAMRO S ss (trawler) 96g, 41n, ON146041, 86.0 x 18.6 x 9.2, B.1918 Aberdeen and was named JANE WRIGHT unti1 1928. last owner C.Caminiti (abridged to Cam later). Out of service from 1933. Scuttled off Sydney March 22, 1939.

CAPTAIN COOK see next entry.

CAPTAIN PHILLIP S ss 396g, 172n. No ON, 155.8 x 25.2 x 13.0, B.1893 Mort's Dock & Eng. Co.Ltd, Balmain. 3x 86nhp. EB. Owner.? former Sydney Pilot vessel, replaced 1939 and renamed (ex Captain Cook) and employed during WW2 as training vessel for Army Water Transport Section. Towed 17 miles E.S.E. of Sydney and sunk with 4 charges of gelignite Oct. 3, 1948. [Some reports say 1947]

CAVAN I 4m bkn, 731g, 657n, ON67794, 252.2 x 27.3 x 14.5, B.1876 Laird Bros, Birkenhead as passenger paddle steamer for City of dublin S.P.C.later sold and converted to sailand named ERO. about 1904 reverted to Cavan. Owners. William & Stephen Brown, reg. Newcastle. NSW. Sold to W.Waugh for scrap and scuttled Dec. 2, 1932, 8700 yards ENE off South Head Signal Station.

CECIL RHODES S tss tug, 160g, 5n, ON90134, 104.0 x 21.1 x 11.2, B.1896 R.& H.Green, London. Owners: (1909) Townsville Harbour Board,reg. Townsville, 1926 Sydney Harbour Board, which became M.S.B. Scuttled off Sydney Sept. 17, 1951.

CERES I lighter, lately owned by J.Fenwick & Co. scuttled off Sydney Nov.3,1949. Was a former NSW Public Works Dept tug, sold in 1913.

CIRCE 778g ,B.1912 Hong Kong and owned in Singapore, and became HMS aux.minesweeper 1939: escaped from Japanese and became HMAS MEDEA 1942. Scuttled off Sydney Jan.23,1948.

CITY OF GRAFTON I lighter ex ps B.1876 Glasgow, for north coast of NSW serices. Sank 3 miles off Sydney Heads, Oct.28, 1930 while being towed to usual scuttle area on the 18 miles mark.

COBAKI W hulk, ex ss, B.1918 Balmain. Used by Army as AB431 for training in WW2. Services wanted to burn it in April 1946 but vandals sunk it at Salt Pan Creek, Middle Harbour alongside ITATA.

COLAC S, B.1041 Mort's Dock as AS/MS 'corvette' made into tank cleaning vessel 1962. Used a target by HMAS Ovens off Jervis Bay, Feb.17, 1987, when no longer required.

COMMODORE I ps tug, 187g, ON74986, B.1878 South Shields. Last owners: A & J Brown. Scuttled 12.30pm off Newcastle, NSW Sept.8, 1931.

COOLOOLI S dumb dredge. B.1955 Maritime Svcs Bd. Scuttled Aug.29, 1980 as artifical reef off Long Reef.

CRANE BARGE No.4 Owned Maritime Services Bd. Scuttled 12m ESE of Sydney Heads, June 22, 1972.

CURL CURL S ss, ON155335. Manly ferry. B.1928 Glasgow. Arrived under own steam Oct.1,1928. Withdrawn 1962/3. Scuttled off Sydney Aug. 12, 1969.

CURRAJONG I lighter 984t, ON101108, B.1875 Hamburg and named ARGO. Blown up by coal cargo when anchored Neutral Bay Jul.24,1893. Raised & made coal hulk by Bellambi Coal. Scuttled off Sydney July 24, 1946.

CYCLOPS S ss rockbreaker. Owner:Maritime Services Board. Scuttled off Sydney Dec. 22,1971.

DEE WHY S ss, 799g, ON155336, 220.0 x 36.1 x 14.8, B.1928 (5) Napier & Miller Ltd, Glasgow. 3X (4cyl) D&W Henderson & Co, Glasgow. double ended ferry. Owner: Pt.Jackson & Manly S.S.CO, reg. Sydney. Sold to Stride Brothers for scrapping July 1968 and remains scuttled to form artificial reef May 25, 1976, off Long Reef.

DOOMBA S tss 750g, 264n, ON147468, 219.4 x 28.6 x 16.8, B.1919 Wm.Simons & Co. Renfrew. 2 x 3X 1800ihp as HMS WEXFORD, sold 1923 for use as excursion steamer to Brisbane Tug & SS CO in 1923. Taken up for war service 1940. Sold by RAN Feb.1947 and converted into lighter named MEGGOL and laid up 1970. Scuttled near Dee Why Dec. 9, 1976.

DORIC lighter? reportedly scuttled Apl.12, 1957.

DUROBY W lighter ex SS 195g, 119n, ON112567, 121.8 x 24.7 x 9.5, B.1902 Manning River, NSW. Last owner. Illawarra & S.C. S.N.Co., badly burnt while at anchor Double Bay, Sydney Mar.14,1923 and sold for lighter which is reportedly in 'The Duckhole' Pt.Stephens, NSW.

EAGLE a vessel said to have been scuttled by the RAN and described as a steel dredge of 100 tons was sunk off Sydney, apparently, Dec. 2, 1952.

EAST STAR see entry for


EDEN S tss 693g, 361n, ON112502, 197.0 x 26.6 x 16.6, B.1900 Russell & Co, Glasgow 2 x comp.750nhp. Rankine & Blackmore, Glasgow. Passenger/cargo vessel for south coast of NSW. Sold 1932 for demolition, remains scuttled off Sydney May 11, 1933.

EGERIA wooden hull of tug was reported scuttled off Sydney Nov. 26, 1945.

ELAMANG Iron hulk ex tss 946g, 490n, ON74903, 229.9 x 29.2 x 18.5, B.1876 Blackwood & Gordon, Pt.Glasgow. Eng 200nhp. Last owners AUSN Ltd, reg. Sydney. Scuttled Feb.3 1905 to help form northern breakwater at Newcastle NSW.

EMU W ss tug 69g, 47n, ON88973, 93.5 x 17.0 x 8.0, B.1884 Callen Bros., Stockton NSW.eng.40nhp. Last official owner Wallace Tugs, reg. Sydney. After accident Jan.10,1949 declared CTL & scuttled off Sydney May 17, 1949.

ENCOUNTER S ss light cruiser 5880 t displ. 376' oa x 56', B.1902/1905 Devonport Dockyard, UK. Loaned to RAN July 1912 and transferred to RAN 1919. Paid off in 1929 and stripped at Cockatoo Dock and the bare hull sunk by gunfire Sept.14, 1932; 5 miles off Sydney Heads.

ERRINGHI W lighter ex ss, 96g, 55n, ON113153, 101.0x 21.0x 7.5, B.1907 Clarence Town, NSW stm eng 32nhp. last owner Mackenzie & Petersen Ltd, reg. Sydney. Scuttled Jan 13, 1951 off Sydney Heads.

GABO S lighter ex ss 2060g, 1246n, ON79541, 279.7x38.4x20.0, B.1883 J. Key & Sons, Kinghorn, Scot. Comp.eng.300hp.EB. Last official owner Patrick S.S.Co.Ltd. reg.Sydney, built as cargo passenger ship for Howard Smith and for a period 1917-1921 owned by China Australia Mail SS Line. Hulk 1925. Scuttled 18 miles off Sydney Heads, Nov 30, 1933.

GABRIELLA S mv Dutch heavy lift vessel 1327gt, B.1974 capsized and sank alongside her berth at Pt.Kembla Aug. 14, with the loss of 2 lives. Refloated, upside down Nov.24, 1986 and delivered to her owners Dec.2 and was taken about 30 miles off Pt.Kembla Dec.l0,1986 and scuttled.

GANNET Iron hulk, ex ps tug 243g, ON88928, 134.1 x 22.1 x 11.1, B 1884 Barrow S.B.Co. Barrow. Comp. eng. 108nhp. Imported by Melbourne Harbour Trust, last official owner J.Fenwick & Co, reg. Sydney. Hulked June 1941 and scuttled off Sydney Jan. 24, 1946.

GEEBUNG W ss, tug, 25g, 17n, ON112511, 52.4 x 12.0 x 6.9, B.1896 W.Dunn, Berry's Bay, Nth.Sydney. stm eng. 15nhp. last official owner McEnnally Bros & Co.Ltd, reg. Sydney. Scuttled off Sydney Aug.6, 1947.

GERANIUM HMAS S ss sloop/minesweeper. 1250t disp. 262.5' x 33', B.1915/16 Greenock, presented to RAN 1919. Paid off Nov. 1927. Stripped at Cockatoo D.Y. and scuttled off Sydney Apl. l6, 1935.

G.F.HOLDEN S tss 228g, 30n, ON120727, 115.0 x 22.1 x 10.0, B.1898 Fleming & Ferguson, Paisley, 2 x 3X 40nhp. EB. tug. Originally named PELICAN, rn.1906 by Geelong harbour Trust. 1918 Allen Taylor & Co, Sydney and hulked. Apparently named BOOMERANG sometime after being hulked. Scuttled off Sydney Dec. 12, 1945.

GOOLWA I ps, 191g, 116n, ON48675, 130.0 x 21.1 x 10.3, B.1864 (1) Palmer Bros, Jarrow on Tyne, eng. 90hp by J.Thompson & Co, Ncle/Tyne. built for Adelaide owners and employed in various services until sold 1870 for tug/passenger services on Pt.Jackson to Manly. Jan.1874 sold to H.Finch & Partners, Newcastle: reg.Newcastle. Jan. 1876 enrolled by Newcastle Co-operative Steam Towing Co. who sold to John Brown June 1878. Sold July 1905 presumably for scrap. Sank at moorings about 1919, raised and ran up on the bank near Hexham. Still visible at low water.

GOVERNOR BLACKALL I hulk, ex ss 487g, 331n, ON64390, 194.4 x 23.8 x 15.6, B.1871 (1) Mort's Dock & Eng.Co, Balmain. Stm eng. 90nhp. EB. Built for Qld.Govt who intended operate between Brisbane and Sydney but government forced to resign for ordering her without parliamentary sanction. Sold to ASN, reg.Sydney. From June 1888 worked as a collier until hulked 1910 and acquired by Howard Smith Ltd. Scuttled off Sydney July 16, 1931.

GOVERNOR MUSGRAVE I ss 170g, 40n, 130.0 x 21.0 x 13.8, B.1874 Mort's Dock & Eng.Co, Balmain, stm eng. 250IHP. EB. Owner: Marine Board of South Australia as lighthouse tender. Transferred to Commonwea1th Govt c.l914 and sold about 1925. Made into a lighter to store timber awaiting export from Pt.Stephens. Remains reportedly in 'The Duckhole' Pt.Stephens.

HENRY BOLTE S mv tug, 393t, B.1966 State Dockyard Newcastle, NSW for Victorian Government and operated by Dept of Public Works, usually at Western Port. 136.9 x 33.1. Acq. Apl.1985 by Charter Craft & Marine Sv s.P/L Eden for possible spares for their TASMAN HAULER. Scuttled off Twofold Bay July 30, 1988.

HERCULES S non powered bucket dredge, 561t, B.1915 Owner Maritime Services Board. Welded to old tug BUSTLER, q.v. and scuttled July 18, 1972.

HEROIC S ss tug, 268g, ON125198, 125.3 x 24.2 x 10.8, B.l909 J.P.Rennoldson & Sons, Sth.Shields. 3X EB Owners: J.Fenwick & Co, reg.Sydney requisitioned by RN in 1917 and named EPIC till decommissioned. Returned to Sydney Jan. 1920. In 1960 boiler replaced by one from dismantled pilot steamer CAPTAIN COOK. For last 20 years of work stationed at Newcastle. Last tow made Feb.6, 1967. Sold for demolition and what was left was abandoned in Homebush Bay c.1973 and is now part of a 'heritage' park in that bay AND marked BUSTLER.

HIMMA S ss tug, 274g, ON168788, 105.2 x 26.6 x 12.2, B.1942 (8) Cochrane & Sons Ltd, Selby. 3X. named EMPIRE PAT rn 1949 by J.Fenwick & Co, reg.Sydney. Sold 1973 for conversion to cargo ship for use in New Guinea but during conversion she was damaged by a collision with a berthing containership then the new owner died and she remained derelict until scuttled Aug. 30,1977 at the artificial reef off Long Reef.

HUON HMAS S ss torpedo boat destroyer, 700t displ. 250' x 24.5', B.1914/15 Cockatoo Dock, Sydney. turbines. Paid off 1928 and dismantled 1929. Sunk by gunfire from HMAS Australia and Canberra Apl. 10, 1931 off Sydney.

ILUKA I lighter, ex ps, 128t, ON75036, 110.9 x 18.3 x 7.2, B.1879 W.M.Ford, Blue's Pt,Sydney for CSR. Register closed 1911 - made into a lighter. Terry Callen, Stockton, NSW reports that it was later made into a screw prop.drogher for use in the timber export industry at Pt.Stephens, and ultimately abandoned there.

INCA W hulk, ex 5m sch, 1014g, 907n, ONUS100624, 215.5 x 41.3 x 16.5, B.1896 Hall Bros, Pt.Blakeley, Wash. owners: G.E.Billings, reg. San Francisco. Dismasted in the Tasman Sea and towed into Sydney Dec. 18, 1920 and sold for hulking. Burnt off Sydney Heads Dec. 22, 1926 as part of the film 'For the Term of his Natural Life'.

IRON DUKE It is reported that a 44t barge of this name was scuttled off Sydney Apl. 22,1950 (or 27th).

IRRESISTIBLE S ss tug, 136g, ON87172, 109.0 x 21.0 x 9.0, B.1883 Edwards & Symes, Cubitt Town, (London) Comp.eng.90hp Owners: J.Halstead,reg.Sydney:Feb.1885 Pt.Jackson S.S.Co.Ltd:Sept.1898 J & W Brown. Scuttled 4.05pm, 6 miles N.E. of Newcastle, NSW Aug. 27, 1931.

ITATA S 3mbq 950g, 927n, ON87910, 202.1 x 33.0 x 19.9, B.1883 R & J Evans, Liverpool. Owners: Newark Shpg Co.Ltd, reg. Liverpool, burnt and damaged by explosion in nitrate cargo at Newcastle NSW Jan. 12, 1906. Remains towed to Sydney and ultimately abandoned in Salt Pan Creek, Middle Harbour (also called 'Wreck Bay').

JUNO S ss ladder dredge 336t, B.1915 owners: NSW Ports & Rivers Dept. Scuttled Oct. 9, 1970 33 miles ESE of Newcastle NSW.

KARA KARA S hulk ex ss double ended vehicular ferry - cargo vessel. 525t, ON152035, 187.0 x 26.6 x 14.5, B.1926 J.Crichton & Co. Saltney, UK. for Sydney Ferries Ltd. Acq. by RAN 1941. Hull sunk as a target about 30 miles off Jervis Bay, Jan. 31, 1973.

KARANGI HMAS S ss 'Bar' class boom defence vessel, ss 730t disp. 178' x 32', B.1941 Cockatoo Dock, Sydney. 3X 850 IHP.EB. sold Aug. 1965 for demolition. Remains abandoned Homebush Bay. Still visible.

KARPOINT see entry for

Oil Fuel Lighter 1208

KAROOLA S mv, 388g, 156n, ON177248, 158.7 x 26.9 x 9.5, B.1947 Trieste and named EGENES; rn 1948 ERDSTAAL; rn 1951 QUININA: rn KORARA by Adelaide SS Co:rn Karoola 1971 by Stannard Bros. who took it to Sydney July 1971 and sold the engine for use in HIMMA q.v. and hull sunk by RAN by gunfire off Sydney Apl.2,1974.

KATOOMBA I hulk, ex tss 1006g, 489n, ON74976, 249.8 x 19.0 x 19.0, B.1878 Pt.Glasgow 2 x comp.eng.200nhp. Scuttled to form northern breakwater Newcastle NSW Feb.1905.

KEMBLA I hulk ex ps, 449g

, 283n, ON36869, 209.2 x 22.6 x 11.5, B.1860 Glasgow. Built for South Coast of NSW services. Register closed 1934 'hulked c.1917'. Scuttled off Sydney Jan.7.1936.

KESTREL scuttled off Sydney Sept.21,1965. No detail located.

KIANGA W tss 338g, ON150176, 135.6 x 32.0 x 8.2, B.1922 R.J.Lucey, Narooma, NSW. 2 x comp.eng 40nhp. Mort's Dock. Mach.aft. Scuttled off Sydney July 7, 1948.

KOOKABURRA HMAS RAN's 1st boom defence ship, B.1938 Cockatoo. 553t, 135' x 25.5' Sold for scrap 1967 and while breaking up sank in Rozelle Bay. Stern section being towed out for sinking Aug.12,1971 when it sank only 4 miles from the Heads.

KURAMIA W boom defence vessel ex ss double ended ferry. 335t, ON136383, 156.5 x 33.2 x 12.3, B.1914 David Drake Ltd, Balmain NSW 3X 69nhp Mort's Dock. Sold 1940. Hull requisitioned by RAN 1942, acq by RAN 1943. Hull used as target by aircraft off Sydney Oct.10,1953.

KURING-GAI S ss double ended Ferry, 407g, ON112524, 171.5 x 31.3 x 14.7, B.1901 Mort's Dock & Eng. Co.Balmain, 3X 85nhp EB Owners: Pt.Jackson Co-op SS Co: Nov.1907 Pt.Jackson & Manly SS Co.reg.Sydney: 1928 Newcastle Ferries Ltd, hulked 1934. Hull still visible seaward side of

Hexham bridge, over the Hunter River.

KURNELL S ss 194g, 99n, ON150194, 138.0 x 32.1 x 8.5, B.1916 Commonwealth Dockyard, Cockatoo Is. stm eng. 20nhp. double ended ferry named BILOELA, sold & renamed ROMANTIC 1924: Oct.1925 renamed KURNELL and sold Newcastle Ferries: June 1939 N.D.Hegarty:May 1940 Luna Park Ltd. Dec.1941 Penguin Ltd and hulked. Scuttled off Sydney June (14?) 1946.

KURRARA I ss 387g, ON89493, B.1883 Holland. Became EAST STAR Mar.1928, reg.Sydney Reg.closed Mar.1936 'broken up' but became storeship for timber in Pt.Stephens and reportedly abandoned in ' The duckhole'.

LEWES HMS ex USS Conway - Oct.1940: B.1918. Damaged in air attack, 1943.Scuttled off Sydney May 25 1946 vide RN; Others say Aug.13,1955.

MAHINAPUA see entry for


MALACHITE S hulk, ex ss, collier, 605g, ON104580, B.1894 Bowling. Owners: Bellambi Coal Co. Hulked after capsize in 1928. Scuttled off Sydney May 28,1946.

MALLOW HMAS, Flower class sloop, S ss B.1915/16 Glasgow. Presented to RAN 1919; paid off Nov.1925. Scuttled off Sydney Aug.1, 1935.

MANNING I ps 89g, 0N74962, B.1878 Sydney. Last owner NCSN Co On riverbank, Taree, a declared historic wreck.

MARGARET Hopper barge, owned by J&J Daley, scuttled May 10, 1935.

MARGUERITE HMAS Flower class sloop, S ss B.1915/16 Glasgow. Present to RAN 1919. Paid off July 1929. Scuttled Aug. 1, 1935.

MARJORIE S hulk ex ss collier, 944g, ON109960, B.1898 Sunderland. Owners:Bellambi Coal. hulked 1929. Sunk by gunfire off Sydney Sept.2,1952.

MARRAWAH S hulk ex ss 472g, ON129125, B.l910 Holland. Gutted by Riverside Dock & Eng.Co. and sunk by RAAF off Sydney May 10, 1951.

MATAGALPA S tsmv 1174g, B.1920 Quincy, Mass as USN OSBORNE, converted & RN 1933. When a transport for US Govt took fire No.2 Glebe, Sydney June 26, 1942 and badly damaged. Not repaired, and scuttled off Sydney Sept.6,1947.

MEDUSA S ss B.1913 Hong Kong.Reg.Singapore and 1939 became HMS aux.minesweeper: Escaped and 1942 HMAS MERCEDES. Sold 1945 and scuttled off Sydney Jan.20, 1948.

MEGGOL see entry for


MORIB S tsmv hopper barge, 682g, 302n, ON169417, 162.0 x 33.1 x 15.1, B.1944 Wm.Simons & Co.Ltd, Renfrew Scuttled off Sydney Jan.8, 1971.

MORTLAKE BANK. S ss 1371g, ON147708, 235.1 x 36.1 x 15.3, B.1924 Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson, Newcastle on Tyne, and named ELFSTONE rn 1937. 3X mach aft. owners: McIlwraith, McEacharn Ltd, '60-miler' collier. Sold to breakers Aug. 1969 and remains abandoned in Homebush Bay.

MYEE S tss 145g, ON117603, 100.0 x 20.1 x 6.4, B. 1903 North Coast S.N.Co. Sydney. 2 x comp. Owner: North Coast S.N.Co.. Scuttled off Sydney Aug.3. 1933.

NAMOI S ps 1415g, ON89250, 245.2 x 31.6 x 21.7, B.1883 J.Key & Sons, Kinghorn. Osc. eng. 350hp.EB for Sydney - Newcastle passenger service. Register closed 1925 'broken up' remains scuttled off Sydney June 16, 1933.

NANCY Iron hopper barge property J & J Daley, reported scuttled April 5, 1935. Not registered.

NEWCASTLE S ps 1251g, ON88978, 264.6 x 32.9 x 15.9, B.1884 J.Key & Sons, Kinghorn, Comp.osc.eng. 500nhp EB. Built for Sydney-Newcastle passenger service. Sold Aug.1928 to shipbreakers. Scuttled off Sydney Heads June 1. 1933.

NUMBERED CRAFT No.5 Hopper barge 250t capacity Owned -Maritime Svcs Bd. Scuttled off Sydney Jul.23, 1954: No.8 scuttled off Sydney May 13,1953: No.15 and No.16 Side delivery hopper barges of M.S.B. Scuttled off Sydney Heads April 21, 1948: for reasons unknown some numbered barges were given names such as No.653 became Nowie and No.654 Noorai, although this NOT confirmed. No.969 no detail, scuttled outside the Heads Aug.6,1947.

No.651 S hopper barge 350t, B.1952 Owners: Maritime Services Board, scuttled off Sydney Apl. 29, 1987.

No.653 S Hopper barge 206t, B.1955 Owner:Maritime Services Board, scuttled off Sydney Mar. 21, 1987 .

No.654 S Hopper barge, 206t, B.1957 Owners: Maritime Services Board, Scuttled off Sydney, Apl.8, 1987.

No.656 S

Hopper barge 206t, B.1957 Owners: Maritime Services Board, Scuttled at Narrabeen Artifical Reef, June 10, 1980.

OIL FUEL LIGHTER 1204 RAN vessel. Reportedly scuttled off Sydney Sept. 24, 1985.

OIL FUEL LIGHTER 1208 S lighter B.1945 Evans, Deakin, Brisbane and named KARPOINT. Towed from Sydney Feb.25, 1987 and used for target practice by vessels of the Navy.

OSPREY S ss tug, 208g, ON89095, 125.3 x 22.1 x 12.5, B.1885 Pearce Bros, Dundee, and named EAGLE rn Aug.1890 Comp. eng. 95nhp. Owners: J. Brown, reg. Newcastle (from Apl.1922) Scuttled 5 miles east of Newcastle, Nov. 27, 1931.

OUR ELSIE W t ss 213g, 112n ,ON125163, 119.3 x 28.5 x 7.6, B.1908 A.W.Settree, Laurieton NSW 2 x comp.eng.28nhp Mort's Dock. Last owners A.& E.Ellis Ltd, reg.Sydney. Register closed 1928 'dismantled' remains reported scuttled off Sydney Heads Nov. 14, 1932.

PHYLLIS A 200t lighter of this name reportedly owned by Penguin P/L was reported scuttled off Sydney Sept. 16, 1936. Not identified.

PIONEER HMAS S ss cruiser 2200t displ. 314' x 36', B.1899/1900 Chatham RN Dockyard. Transferred to RAN 1913. Withdrawn from RAN 1923 and stripped at Cockatoo Dock. Scuttled off Sydney Feb.18, 1931.

POSEIDON S suction dredge 261t, Owner:Maritime Services Board, reported scuttled off Sydney May 9, 1947.

PREMIER a launch of this name reportedly owned by Penguin P/L was said to be scuttled off Sydney May 5, 1942. Not registered.

PROMAYLE W tss 191t formerly unregister drogher MYALL owned by Allen Taylor & Co.Ltd and acquired by Nicholson Bros in 1961 with the view of chartering her to MSB as a crange barge. This failed to evenuate and the hull was finally scuttled, after a long layup, off Sydney June 2, 1967.

PROVINCIAL TRADER S mv 419t, ON196905, 139' x 32'8", B.1959 (12) Evans Deakin & Co, Brisbane, Diesel eng by Crossley. Built as fire fighting tug named BP PARMELIA for use at Kwinana, WA. In 1986 sold to Cairns and renamed CLARENCE BEACH, subsequently altered for work in fisheries and renamed. In 1993 it was reported the vessel was going to revert to towage duties, but she sank at her moorings in Twofold Bay, was raised and scuttled in deep water off the coast Mar.24, 1995.

PYRMONT II S ash barge built to dump ash from Pyrmont Power House. Harbour Lighterage Owners. Scuttled at the Artifical Reef, off Long Reef, July 5, 1977, dimensions 112' x 24' x 12'.

PSYCHE HMAS S ss light cruiser. 2135t 314' x 36', B.1898/100 Devonport RN Dockyard. Commissioned in RAN 1915 sold and hulked July 1922 and employed at Pt.Stephens NSW as a timber lighter until she sank in Salamander Bay. From 1950 till 1973 RAN Clearance Diving Teams used the sunken hull for exercises and her remains

are now scattered.

RHEA W barge, ex US war built wooden minesweeper 260t displ. 135' x 24'. When scuttled Sept 20, 1945 was loaded with mines and depth charges ex U.S.Navy.

RICHMOND obsolete dredge was being towed to scuttling position off Newcastle by ss BOAMBEE when it broke adrift about 2.30am Nov.24, 1934 and was believed to have sunk about 33 degrees 30 minutes South x 152 degrees 14 minutes East.

ROBERT R. HIND W 4m sch, 564g, 520n, ON (US) 111223, 162.5 x 36.8 x 12.8, B.1899 Hay & Wright, Alameda, Calif. Last owners Hind, Rolph & Co, reg. San Francisco. Destroyed by fire Kerosene Bay, North Sydney, Feb. 11, 1929, having been laid up for years. (This vessel appears to be entered as 'scuttled' in some records in error - R.P.).

SAMSON Barge, scuttled off Sydney Feb.19, 1972 (possibly former steam lighter owned by Maritime Services Board, B.1912 and measuring 255t).

SCOUT S lighter ex ss 77t, ON89382, 81.7 x 17.0 x 5.5, B.1885 Foster & Minty, Balmain. Eng. 16nhp. Last official owner J.Keane, reg. Sydney. Reg.closed 1931 'no longer required' Scuttled Aug.20, 1932.

SEAMEG Lighter, scuttled off Sydney Mar.l, 1972. Not identified.

STALWART HMAS S tss destroyer 1075t displ. 276' x 26', B.1918/19 Swan Hunter, Newcastle on Tyne. turbs. Placed in reserve Dec. 1925. sold for demoltion to Penguin P/L June 1937. Scuttled off Sydney July 22, 1939.

STORMCOCK W ss tug, 148t, ON88985, 130.6 x 20.8 x 10.2, B.1885 Callen Bros, Stockton. comp. eng 91nhp Last owners J & A Brown, reg. Newcastle. Register closed Feb.1930 'broken up' remains reportedly scuttled off Newcastle.

STRAHAN HMAS S tss, 650t displ. 186' x 31' 2 x 3X 1800ihp. B.1943 Newcastle D.Y. NSW. Sold for demolition Jan. 1961. Remains scuttled Jan.7, 1971.

SUCCESS HMAS tss destroyer, 1075t displ. 276' x 26', B.1918, W.Doxford, Sunderland. Turbs. Placed in reserve May 1930. Sold June 1937 to Penguin P/L for demolition, remains scuttled by bombing by aircraft off Sydney Dec. 20, 1941.

SWALLOW S lighter, ex ss hopper barge, cargo ship and train ferry. 859g, 497n, 206.0 x 33.1 x L4.3, B.1908 W. Simons & CO , Renfrew, 95nhp. for Sydney Harbour Trust. Converted to cargo ship in 1921 and in 1928 converted for use as a train ferry at Grafton NSW for the Sydney-Brisbane main line. Hulked when the bridge was built. Reported scuttled Aug.22, 1946.

SWAN HMAS S torpedo boat destroyer, 700t disp. 250' x 24.5' B.1915 Cockatoo Is. Syney. Paid off 1928. Stripped of armament and turbine engines etc., and together with ex HMAS PARRAMATTA were handed to NSW government in 1930 as accommodation ships to be moored in Hawkesbury river for convicts building a road in Ku-ring-gai Chase. The plan was never carried out; the hulls were sold in 1933 and were briefly used as barges. In Feb.1934 the hulls were being towed to Sydney for demolition when they broke free and SWAN foundered on the 2nd. The Parramatta went into the mangroves and ultimately part of her hull was placed in a memorial in the City of Parramatta but the whereabouts of the SWAN was unknown till January 1994 when Greig Berry confirmed that he had located it.

SWORDSMAN HMAS S tss destroyer 1075t disp. 276' x 26' B.1918 . Sold for demolition June 1937 to Penguin P/L. Scuttled Feb. 8, 1939.

SYDNEY S lighter, ex tss MAHINAPUA 458g, 239n, ON75280, 160.0 x 26.8 x 12.6, B.1881 W.Denny & Bros. Dumbarton 2 x comp.eng. 80nhp hulked 1911, and converted for use in timber trade at Pt.Stephens and renamed. Foundered in 1925 at Pt.Stephens Oct.7th.

SYDNEY Iron hopper barge, ex ps CITY OF BRISBANE, rn SYDNEY Dec.1884. 634g, 504n, ON49275, 230.8 x 27.3 x 12.9. B.1863 A & J Inglis, Pointhouse. eng.220nhp. Built for ASN and when renamed entered Sydney - Newcastle passenger service. Hulked Aug. 1911. Last owners J. & J.Daley, scuttled off Sydney March 21, 1935.

SYLVAN I ss 196g, 113n, ON46968, 119.4 x 20.2 x 8.9, B.1882 Murdoch & Murray, Pt.Glaspow. Comp.eng. 36nhp. Built for Wilson, Hart & Co. Maryborough, Q. Last official owner (May 1921) J.A.Callen who supposedly hulked the vessel. Sank at her moorings Dec. 1924, raised and run upon the bank. Remains still visible at Stockton just south of the Bridge.

TASMAN HAULER S mv tug 419t, ON196904, 139' x 32'8", B.1959 (11) Evans, Deakin Brisbane as B.P.COCKBURN, a firefighting tug for Kwinana WA, renamed COCKBURN and in 1982 became Tasman Hauler, based at Eden. Scuttled off Twofold Bay Oct. 1, 1988.

TASMANIA HMAS S tss destroyer 1075t displ. 276' x 26' B.1918 Beardmore. Turbs. Placed in reserve in 1923 and sold for demolition June 1937 to Penguin P/L. Scuttled March 16, 1939.

TATTOO HMAS S tss, destroyer 1075t. 276' x 26', B.1918 Beardmore turbs. Sold for demolition June 1937 and scuttled May 9, 1939.

TAVIUNI S ss 1465g, 910n, ON84500, 250.0 x 34.2 x 18.0, B.1890 W.Denny & Bros. Dumbarton. Owners: Union S S Co of N.Ltd. reg.Dunedin. Laid up in Sydney Dec.1921: Sold to W.Waugh for demolition 1924. Scuttled off Sydney May 12, 1931.

TERARA I lighter, ex ps. 152g, 96n, ON89336, 125.3 x 20.0 x 6.7, B.1885 Atlas Engineering Co, Sydney. Comp. eng. 30nhp EB. Built for Illawarra S.N.Co., July 1896 to North Coast SN Co. May 1914 to NSW Government and used as a ferry for workers at Walsh Is. Hulked.c.1924 and employed in timber lightering Pt.Stephens. Abandoned hulk opposite Tea Gardens, Pt.Stephens.

TORRENS HMAS torpedo boat destroyer 700t displ. S ss 250'x 24', B.1915/16 Cockatoo Dock, Sydney. turbs. Paid off 1926 Sunk Nov. 9, 1930 off Sydney by gunfire from HMAS Canberra

TUNCURRY W tss 286g 114n, ON125205, 147.0 x 28.1 x 7.0, B.1909 J.Wright, Cape Hawke, NSW. Last official owner S.G.White, reg. Sydney. Reported scuttled off Sydney Apl. 19, 1950 although some other sources say burnt in Kerosene Bay, Sydney in June 1952.

VALIANT S mv tug, 72t. B.1945 Melbourne for Harbour Trust. Sold 1978 and taken to Pittwater NSW for ccoversion to fishing. Not done. Reported scuttled in 1981 however the press in 1982 said 'sunk about 0.5 km off Palm Beach.....while being towed to its burial at sea.....was a 25m former firefloat......'

VENDETTA HMAS V&W class destroyer, S tss l090t disp. 312' x 29', B.1917 Fairfield, Glasgow. turbs. Trans to RAN in 1933. Paid off Nov. 1945, and scuttled off Sydney Heads July 1, 1948.

VERDIER S hopper barge, 231t, B.1912 and formerly owned by Townsville Harbour Board, sold to Sydney mid-1970s . Scuttled to help form artificial reef off Narrabeen July 1983.

WALLSEND S hulk, ex ss, 518g, 196n, ON106245, 165.4 x 24.3 x 12.3, B.1899 Murdoch & Murray, Pt.Glasgow. Comp. eng. machinery aft, 3 masts. Sydney - Newcastle collier. Hulked 1934 by Penguin P/L and scuttled off Sydney Feb.7 in some records; MSB say Feb. 15th, 1935.

WEXFORD HMS see entry for


WICKLOW Hopperbarge reportedly owned by J. & J.Daley, scuttled Dec. 14, 1933.

WODONGA S hulk, ex ss, 2341g, 1473n, ON98127, 310.2 x 39.1 x 22.4, B.1890 A & J Inglis, Glasgow. 3X 379nhp EB. Interstate passenger liner built for AUSN. sold May 1924 W.Waugh Ltd, for dismantling. Sunk at moorings Kerosene Bay, Feb. 1931, raised and towed 6 miles off Sydney Heads and scuttled April 30, 1931.

YAMBA I tss tug, 104g, ON136464, 91.0 x 18.5 x 8.0, B.1886 Atlas engineering Works, Sydney 2 x comp. 65nhp Rankin & Blackmore, Greenock. Owners: J. Fenwick & Co, reg. Sydney. Towing to sea to be scuttled sprang a leak and foundered Feb.16, 1949 5 miles off South Head Port Jackson.

YARRA HMAS torpedo boat destroyer, S ss 700t disp. 250' x 24', B. W.Denny, Dumbarton, turbs. Paid off 1920, demolition commenced 1929 remains scuttled Aug. 22,1932. [Some reports say July]

YULOO S ss, 407g,197n, ON128809, 145.0x 24.1 x 10.4, B.1910 W.Harkness & Son, Middlesbro' comp.eng. machinery aft, collier. Originally named TEESWOOD rn 1912. Last owner (as a hulk) Penguin P/L. Scuttled Nov. 14th, 1933.