Hi Ranger
Here is the info from Stentec as promised. As I told you, it's a very cumbersome process
Regards Ken Clancy

Dear mister Clancy,
You are right indeed the current direction can only be set between 0 and
100 degrees.

You can find the file 'Default.ini' in the folder 'Data\Situations' in
your Motorboat Simulator installation folder (by default it is:
'C:\Program Files\Stentec\Motorboat Simulator 1\Data\Situations').

You can edit this default.ini file and search for a topic [Water] under that
 topic is value Rz . This is the direction of the current in radials.

You can change it. So if you want a direction of 270 degrees, you can change the value to 270 / (180/Pi) = 4,712388980 and then when you run Motorboat Simulator again, the direction should be these 270 degrees.

Hope this helps.
Best regards, Stefan Bekema,
Stentec Software BV