In today’s busy sea lanes, exhaustive trials of SEA SOCKS has shown them

to be the single most effective aid in ensuring safe navigation and crew moral.

EXTRACT - from enquiries into the grounding of the HMS Nottingham ; “...once again,

such an incident might never have occurred if the Watch had been effectively monitoring

their SEA SOCKS...”

DONNING - Put the red sock on the left foot and the green sock on the right. Tie the strings

to the bottom of your trousers and thread them up to the inside of each pocket. Practice

(in the mirror) a casual stance with your hands in both pockets. Pull on each string while

surreptitiously peeking at your SEASOCKS before ordering every change in course.

Experience has shown that the crew are most impressed by officers wearing long trousers.

Available in two pack from any coloured sock stockist.