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09/3/2017 - Mean spirited parking fees - Comment by Ranger Hope.
The patchy state of public transportation in Australia is a result of policy reliant on private automobiles. Cities now approach gridlock while Governments abandon responsibility for infrastructure without tolls, and Councils without parking fees/fines. The reasonable concept of parking restrictions in order to fairly ration a limited resource has been overtaken by the opportunity of mean spirited fee gouging. It would be rare in the Sydney region to take the kids to a park or beach without a developer or council having a hand out for $7 an hour, often much more. In the least populated country in the world, have they not heard of "Park and Ride"- free suburban parking with free transport link to urban centres - most other countries have.

Similar bone headed planning is seen in recreational mooring policy. Many enlightened countries have retained sufficient industrial waterside land for yachts to be stored on the hard over winter, hence clearing unsightly mooring minders and seagull havens. Not so our mean spirited Government that pants to flog off the public foreshore to developers looking for your premium property for its view.

14/6/2016 - Australian Domestic Shipping - Comment by Ranger Hope.
"The once vibrant Australian Domestic Shipping Industry is in terminal decline that will take decades for recovery of expertise, vessels and infrastructure. Unlike other countries who protect their domestic trade on an appreciation of national security, the Australian Government continues to support unfair competition from Flag of Convenience shippers not subject to the same Australian safety, labour or tax regulations.”:

4/6/2016 - AMSA DVD oral exams - Comment by Ranger Hope.
"Regulators operational (driving) tests are universally employed for road, rail and air transport licensing world-wide. Arguments from AMSA DVD in support of their proposal to transfer orals (on water final assessments without funding assistance) from the regulator to the training organisation include”:
• The example of a training organisation’s final assessment model employed by the Australian Maritime College, a unit of the University of Tasmania. (A fully funded tertiary institution in the smallest geographical and populated State closely managed by the State’s Education and Maritime Authorities?)
• Maritime Industry and Regulator’s desire for the reduction in red tape where risk is not evidenced using “trust and verify” safety monitoring for failures. (How many near misses represent evidence?)
• Fault in the functioning of the model will be captured by on water enforcement. (After the accident?)
The requirement of boat driving tests is not of exclusive interest to the maritime industry but is a core expectation by the public of the Regulator to assure minimum safety on the water, as it is on the road, rail or in the air. In this context a reasonable person will be as disquieted at the proposed diluting transparency for commercial vessel driving tests as he/she would be if road driving tests were ever proposed to be transferred to learner driver schools with commercial interests.

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