Credits and acknowledgements

Efforts to trace and acknowledge much that is passed down through the ordinary practice of seamen may not be complete. I apologise for accidental infringement and welcome response to correct any omission. I thank the many authors attributed in the complied documents, and additionally all who advised and assisted, including:

Kemp & Young’s- “Seamanship notes”, “Ship Construction Sketches - Notes” and “Ship Stability Notes & Examples”, Tvet Australia, the Australian National Training Authority, the former Trust Publications WA, Marine Safety WA and Tom Obre.

Examples fom State and Federal publications and web sites are included courtesy of the Australian Hydrographic Service, Australian Maritime Safety Authority, Royal Australian Navy, National Standards for Commercial Vessels, Dept of Environment, NSW Parks and Wildlife, NSW Maritime Authority, Bureau of Meteorology, Workcover NSW, Workcover Victoria, NSW SRB, VRA, NSW Dept Education and Training, Environment Australia, the Attorney Generals Office and the RTA (RMS), as are examples from publications and web sites of the IMO, U.K. Hydrographer to the Navy, NOAA, USCG and the RNLI.

Additional technical information and photos have been included courtesy of International Paints, Norglass, Furono, GMC, Garmin, Icom, Sailor, the Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald and the Port Macquarie News. Incidental graphics are included courtesy of the Microsoft, Bruce Robson photos, Howstuffworks, Sea Breezes, Scott Baty, Port Macquarie Slipways, the MV Island Trader, Ricks Designs, SLSA, “Australian Weather Book”, Colls & Whitake,“Australian Weather” A. J. Shields and “Weather Forecasting” Alan Watts,

For their advice and comment I also thank the guys at the Commercial Vessels team at NSW Maritime, (RMS), Ken D'Cruz, Tony Blakelock, Atef Jaber, Vikram Malhorta, Port Macquarie Sea Rescue, Ken Fletcher, Tafe teachers and students including Rhett Turner, Col Triton, Anil Chadha, Geoff Shelton, Chris Heeks, Sandy Wilkenson, Martin Hovey, Dick Gandy; and Jim Meldrum and Peter George (BOM) for crossing the t’s and Dylan Tusler for dotting the i’s.

In particular I thank Basil Greenhill (“The Merchant Schooners”) and Howard I Chapelle (”Boatbuilding” and “American Small Sailing Craft”), for their contributions.

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