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Read each statement carefully, select the answer that best completes or answers it and circle the letter in front of the best answer.

1.  The maximum safe speed that you should run a particular type of abrasive wheel:

A.       Can be obtained from a handbook

B.        Is marked on the machine

C.        Can be worked out by calculations

D.        Is marked on the particular wheel

E.        Is shown on an abrasive wheel wall chart

2.  When the work rest on an off‑hand grinding machine is adjusted, it should be set:

A.        To touch the wheel face

B.        Well away from the wheel face

C.        Within 2 mm of the wheel face

D.        To suit the size of the work

E.         In proportion to the wheel width

3.  You should check that the direction of rotation of an off‑hand grinding machine is:

A.        In a clockwise direction

B.        Downwards against the work rest

C.        In an anti‑clockwise direction

D.        Upwards from the work test

E.         In the same direction as the wheel clamping nut

4.  The type of abrasive used in an abrasive wheel can be identified by:

A.        Its colour

B.        The kind of bond

C.        The size of the grains

D.        The code marked on the side

E.        The size of the wheel

5.  You have identified an abrasive wheel as having a 'soft' bond. Would this wheel:

A.       Be run at high speed?

B.       Be run at slow speed?

C.       Be used to grind soft materials?

D.       Have soft abrasive grains?

E.        Be used to grind hard materials?

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