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1. Match the symbols with the description:

1 . v Type of abrasive

2. 46 Grade of bond

3. BE Structure

4. 38A Type of bond

5. K Bond variation

6. 5 Size of abrasive grain


2. What answer best completes the statement best in three of the following:

A ringing sound produced when a suspended abrasive wheel is struck lightly with a wooden handle indicates that the wheel:

a. Is faulty

b. Is not cracked

c. Has an open structure

d. Is aluminium oxide

e. Has a fine grit size


3. The first thing to do when changing the abrasive wheel on a grinding machine is to:

a. Remove the guard

b. Move the work rest clear

c. Check the wheel specifications

d. Check the spindle direction

e. Isolate the power supply


4. To sharpen a hard cutting tool to a fine smooth edge which abrasive wheel is used.

a. Coarse grit and soft bond?

b. Fine grit and hard bond?

c. Open structure and coarse grit?

d. Soft bond and fine grit?

e. Hard bond and close structure?


5. Complete the following statement:

When an abrasive wheel is correctly mounted on the spindle of a grinding machine, the wheel should be separated from the flanges by_________________ ___________________

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