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At Knobbies Headland a geological fault line crosses the coast and the rocks have weathered into animated formations. Prominent to those with an open mind is the craggy sentinel resembling an ancient effigy of a native princess's head. Other's may be a reminder of two teachers drowned here, the one vainly trying to save the other.

The cove attracts a considerable amount of attention from coastal ramblers. On several occasions the yellow rescue boat has been called out to investigate reports of drifting bodies or sunken boats observed from here, and as often as not nothing is found.

On this reported occasion of a person struggling in the surf the cavalry was called out; the Rescue, the Police, the State Emergency Service and all vessels in the vicinity. But while all are desperately looking seaward, the fisherman who carelessly allowed his esky to be washed away, provoking the misreport, makes a tactful and unseen retreat.