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Splash Maritime Training Australian sceneries and exercises for Motorboat Simulator

Stentec’s Motorboat Simulator 1.2 is available from Stentec.com . This very affordable software from Stentec (under $70 au) matches many of the features of professional marine simulators costing tens of thousands of dollars, including selectable vessels, time, weather, seastate, currrent, engineering and navigational instruments on twelve coastal sceneries from around the world. 

The sceneries give an Australian context to this very affordable Motorboat Simulator simulator with its default World wide sceneries.

SMT developed the Australian Scenery Package (not a Stentec product) and SAR exercises for Volunteer Marine Rescue Crew training, but they are equally useful for realistic navigational practice by trainees and challenge testing by trainers.





The simulator's navigational instruments  correspond to Australian charts so though not suitable for practical navigation they may be used for practice plotting, passage planning and pilotage.




Time of day, weather, sea state, current, leeway and vessel loading are all user defined, enabling realistic challenge testing scenarios to be assess students competency level.




Coastal features can be identified and their positions laid off.

Show some navigational exercises



Included in the Australian Sceneries are targets and Search and Rescue exercises to recover vessels and persons in recognisable inshore and offshore positions.

Show me some SAR exercises




Principles of vessel handling can be demonstrated and practiced.




Australian Scenery Package includes:

$50 au - postage free in Australia


SAR Training Exercises includes:

$50 au - postage free in Australia






Introductory offer for both CDs

$70 au - postage free in Australia

(normally $50 each)



Australian Scenery Package includes:

Sydney coast by Ranger

Hastings Valley by Ranger

Mid North Coast by Ranger

Chrisrmas Island by Ranger

Buoyage exercise

Radar exercise





Technical Notes

The "Australian Senery Package" and the "SAR Training Exercises" are supplied on CD rom or USB flash drive.

Stentec’s Motorboat Simulator 1.2 available from Stentec.com uses Direct X graphic accelerator that is plug and play for Windows 98 PCs or earlier. Vista to Windows 10 users will need to install the direct X driver file (d3drm.dll) found at Microsoft Office Product Updates or as supplied with instructions in the Aus Scenery Package.


SAR Training Exercises includes:

Navigational practice exercises that make use of embedded targets in the above sceneries

MRU & SAR exercises - Staged job cards for volunteer marine rescue crew practical training, mirrored in the simulator.

BONUS DEMO - Mid North Coastal Orientation -Photo/video of the scenery areas. Requires Powerpoint.

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