Lessons propulsion

Petrol engine

Diesel engine

Fuel system

Cooling system

Keel cooling

Lubrication system


Lessons auxiliary

Operate auxiliaries tanks & pumps

Ballast system

Bilge system small

Bilge system large

Operate auxiliaries deck gear & steering

Steering gear 



Lessons pollution:

Austona, small incident

Exxon Valdez, large inc

IMDG code

Marine law

Pollution & prevention


Workbooks propulsion

Marine engines

Med 3 engineering

Med 2 engineering


Workbooks auxiliary

Carryout refuelling & transfer operations

Operate maintain auxiliary systems

Med 2 auxiliary systems


Other texts and articles

Bilge systems

Fire precautions

Kort nozzles

Marine electrics

Maths for mariners

Steering gear

Tanks & pumping systems



Engineering Knowledge MED3

Med3 calculate & logs

Med3 hull servicing

Op Prop 


Exercise/assignment propulsion:

Exercise motors

Exercise motor ancillaries

Exercise electrics

Exercise auxiliary systems

Assignment maintenance

Progress check

Skills Op Prop


Exercise/assignment auxiliary

Exercise bilge

Exercise steering

Exercise windlass

Steps to operating a windlass

Operate Aux Assign

Progress check



Assignment pollution

Progress check


Hand tools:

Learning package


Power tools:

Learning package